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Process time and attendance with the newest powerful On-Line software system—TimeForce. As simple as accessing the web, TimeForce is a completely scalable, integrated application that will proficiently meet the timekeeping and workforce management needs of your small to mid-sized business. To view an online audio and visual presentation click the TimeForce logo:


Your search for the most simple to use, yet powerful Time and Attendance system ends here. TimeForce offers a 100% browser-based program for the small to mid-sized business that improves productivity and profits. It is the software solution to automate 100% of your pay rules and calculate gross payroll, even in the most complex environments.

TimeForce is effective for both hourly and salaried personnel. Employees clock-in using a PDA, timeclock, biometrics device, or browser-based Self Service Module. The system ensures accurate rounding and calculation of grace periods, overtime, accruals, shift differentials, holiday pay, premium pay and more, all according to your company-defined pay rates and rules.

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A powerful, browser-based application, that saves you time and money


Time & Attendance Features
Highly intuitive Set-Up Wizard that will get you up and running quickly
Simplified tracking of all accruals such as sick and vacation time
Employee Self-Service—allow your employees to enter their own time data
Flexible and powerful reporting capabilities
Project Tracking and Job Costing - manage project/line of business for profitability
Human Resource Management Tools - Upgrade from Excel with HR specific focus
Payroll Export to 3rd party payroll company - reduce payroll processing time and costs
Consistent business rules-based processing
Audit trails
Interfaces to 3rd party payroll systems - ADP, PayChex, QuickBooks Pro, and more
Employee skills, training, and benefit management
Holiday management
Handles flex time and split shifts

TimeForce Benefits
Doesn't require any added Hardware/Software -
Tested and Reliable - used by over 25,000 customers
Requires virtually no training due to intuitive design
Immediate ROI in reduced time and errors
Costs as little as $5 per month per employee - costing a fraction of competing software
Available throughout organization without added costs per seat
Adapts quickly to existing procedures and standardizes practices across organizations


Potential Cost Saving - ROI Chart



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