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Our partners and clients are the reason Advanced Database Designs is in business. Large or small, all projects are important to us. We'll update this area regularly so you can keep up with our ever-growing company.

Hewlett Packard Company

Sales Reporting Program
This program was created to help Hewlett Packard track sales of HP products through Entex, Vanstar and MicroAge outlets for determining commissions paid to Sales Representatives on a monthly basis. Additionally, it creates a host of management reports for the District Managers, Area Managers, Regional Managers, as well as detailed sales reports for each outlet assigned to each Sales Rep.

Training Scheduling Program
Hewlett Packard has over 1 million employees that need to be regularly trained. Created for Lotus Notes.

Peterbilt Motors Company

Option Pricing Program
This application ADD created compares any particular option against all truck models and creates management reports that analyze the cost of trucks assembled at their two plants. This program uses approximately 30MB of hard disk storage, replacing 3,000 Lotus spreadsheets which previously consumed over 200MB of hard disk storage. It is installed on a Banyan network and is accessed by several concurrent users at any one time.

Coca-Cola Enterprises

Distribution Analysis System
This complex application maximizes the use of resources and minimizes the costs of transportation and warehousing, as well as population forecasting. The user can group warehouses by type, area and city; the program determines which warehouses should be utilized to fill current demand quotients. A report is then generated determining activity through those warehouses. It then exports all the information to a mapping program to show a visual representation of those findings.

U.S. Customs Service

Target Tracking Program
This program was designed to help the U.S. Customs Service track targets involved with international money laundering. It tracks the following activities:
  • Mail received at particular locations 
  • Telephone calls made from target's phones 
  • All activity in specified bank accounts 
  • All activity in specified credit card accounts 

Advanced Database Designs has designed and developed applications for other industries as well, including:

  • Interior Plantscape Industry 
  • Wine Barrel Industry 
  • Retail Uniform Industry 
  • Construction Industries 
  • Internet Service Providers 

For details on these projects (where appropriate), contact us. We'd love to show you working demonstrations! 

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